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  • Britney's Instagram

    Britney's Instagram

  • Paul Tune

    Paul Tune

    Machine learning engineer at Canva. I work on computer vision and churn modelling. My interests are data science, information theory, finance and investing.

  • Daulet Nurmanbetov

    Daulet Nurmanbetov

  • Edward Elson Kosasih

    Edward Elson Kosasih

    Machine Learning | Network Science | Supply Chain and Manufacturing Analytics | eekosasih.com

  • Asjad Naqvi

    Asjad Naqvi

    Here you will find information on Stata, COVID-19, and data visualizations.

  • Aris Pattakos

    Aris Pattakos

    Founder & CTO @ GuestFlip Connect with me: https://arispattakos.carrd.co/

  • Elli Tzini

    Elli Tzini

    ML Engineer with a passion for NLP

  • Rebecca Weng

    Rebecca Weng

    Aspiring Computational Social Scientist | @Princeton Sociology UG ’18 | @FlatironSchool DS NYC | Bookworm | Foodie

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