I feel like many of these comments were arrogant and overly critical. It's one thing to offer constructive feedback but many of these comments were downright rude. One of these comments says, "Some of these are cute, but wrong." And, he had to dig deep to criticise some of this work. For example, his comment to 5 and 6 is ridiculous for an article about one liners. And, why would he think there was a problem with your article because you used strip? Does the way you use strip say that you are ignorant to what strip does? NO! The guy who made the comment is the one who sounds dumb. Not you. His criticism of 7 is also ridiculous because you wanted to change the data structure into a list. There's nothing wrong with that. It sounds to me like this commenter just figured out that you don't need to use list over a range in a for loop and wants to criticise other people for it. Who cares? And, I actually really like your code for 19. It shows that you know how to do more than just use built-in functions which takes intelligence! Don't listen to these trolls. Learn what you can from them and hope they learn how to respect people other than themselves.

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