I grew up in a way different culture. Career… then marriage. I am 31 years old and not married, but I am so happy. I was able to become who I am because I didn’t have to worry about becoming someone with another person. When you create a reality (your perceptions, perspectives, and opinions) with a partner, that other person has influence over who you are. I was able to grow and evolve without those constraints. I have changed a lot since I was 23. I am happy that I chose the path that I did. I wouldn’t take back anything, even the times that I was miserable. And, yes — everything is easier with a partner including finances. But, I chose a path where I could be courageous, determined, and strong. That’s what I value about myself today.

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Visit www.debraray.net and connect with me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/debraannray/

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