The CIA’s Drug Network in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Vilcabamba, Ecuador seems like a quiet town that just so happens to have many expats but it is really a town filled with U.S. and European foreign agents who manage drug trafficking through the area.

Debra Ray
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Vilcabamba, Ecuador seems like a quiet, relaxing town to enjoy hiking, horseback riding and yoga. In reality,

The wealthiest foreign agent who I have met in Vilcabamba is Andy, a U.K resident in Vilcabamba. He lives in a neighborhood called San Jaoquin where the more affluent expats live. I have an anonymous source who has identified him as one of the area’s leaders in the drug trafficking operation along with Martin Kutsch from Germany.

When I first met Andy, he admitted to being a former MI6 agent. My source tells me that he lied about the intelligence agency that he is affiliated with. He is a current CIA agent rather than a former MI6 agent. Essentially, Martin and Andy are the U.S. and German representatives who direct cartel activities in Southern Ecuador.

Andy is a flat earther. Before you dismiss everything he has to say, understand that spies will oftentimes hide truth within lies. The world is obviously not flat, but he does make a good point about how Eratosthenes measured the earth; that story doesn’t actually sound real.

When I first met them, they told me that they were retired but they had just bought a piece of property to grow cocoa and coffee. My anonymous source told me that the finca that they bought was real but it isn’t meant for cocoa and coffee. They are actually cultivating and distributing drugs from within a drivable distance from Vilcabamba.

“They traffic drugs from other areas, including Cuenca, but they also grow drugs on land in the surrounding area.”

The next foreign agent who you should be aware of is Edward Mays. He lives about a block away from me. He’s closely integrated into this foreign government run cartel. He distributes weed to local area drug dealers from his home and local restaurants.

I will write more about the foreign agents and their role in the murder of a few Vilcabamba residents in my next article. Like always, they framed a cartel which they secretly control.



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